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Brooklyn Bridge 130th Anniversary Poetry Reading

Sunday, May 19, 2013
Granite Prospect

Join Brooklyn-based and nationally renowned poets for a marathon reading of Hart Crane's epic poem The Bridge and celebrate the construction of the most magnificent bridge of modern time. Readers include Joe Weil, Mary Jo Bang, Timothy Donnelly, Jorie Graham, Richard Howard, Dorothea Lasky, Eileen Myles, Evie Shockley and many others. Reception and book signing to follow.

Readings by:

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry (Walt Whitman): Katie Raissian, Emily Skillings
To Brooklyn Bridge:   
 Adam Fitzgerald
 Ave Maria (part 1):
 Paul Mariani
 Ave Maria  (part 2):  Langdon Hammer
 Harbor Dawn:  Deborah Landau
 Van Winkle:  Robert Polito
 The River (part 1):  Richard Howard
 The River (part 2):  Evie Shockley
 The Dance:  Mary Jo Bang
 Indiana:  Eileen Myles
 Cutty Sark: 
 Dorothea Lasky
 Cape Hatteras (Part 1):  John Irwin
 Cape Hatteras (Part 2):  John Yau
 Southern Cross:  Lonely Christopher
 National Winter Garden:  Zachary Pace
 Virginia:  Simone Kearney
 Quaker Hill:
 Emily Skillings
 The Tunnel (Part 1):  Jorie Graham
 The Tunnel (Part 2):  Timothy Donnelly
 Atlantis (Part 1): 
 Stacy Szymaszek
 Atlantis (Part 2): 
 Susan Wheeler
 Granite and Steel (Marianne Moore): Samantha Zighelboim

exit music: Elliot Carter’s Symphony of Three Orchestras [setting of The Bridge]


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