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Brooklyn Bridge Park continues the implementation of its sustainability principles from the construction of the park to its on-going maintenance. Park operations staff uses a variety of sustainable practices to maintain the park, including participation in public recycling programs, light dimming control and stormwater reuse.

All lawns and trees in the park are maintained organically. Lawns undergo soil testing, fungal compost applications, long-term fertilization and aeration. These practices work to enhance lawn root systems, brighten lawn color and slow weed growth. Following large public events, the lawns are specially treated with a biological compound that includes molasses and beet juice extract. This application restores nutrients to the lawn and helps strengthen the grass. In addition, all lawns are periodically closed to allow the grass time to rest and rebound. 

Trees and shrubs in the park are also maintained organically. Tree and shrub maintenance consists of fertilization, scheduled pruning and regular treatment with a biological compound that wards off insects and disease. These organic landscaping practices sustainably maintain park lawns and plantings without the use of chemicals. 

Brooklyn Bridge Park operations staff will implement additional sustainable maintenance practices, such as composting, as future park segments are completed and opened for public use.

Please recycle at Brooklyn Bridge Park!

Please recycle when at Brooklyn Bridge Park!                       Photo by ©Julienne Schaer

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