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Salvaged Materials

The park's sustainability agenda begins with an extreme economy with respect to the materials that are already on the site as well as the sourcing of additional materials to build the park. Existing site structures and fittings that are being removed, like the Cold Storage Warehouses, have been carefully deconstructed so that their materials can be re-used in the construction of the park.

Old materials put to new use include "raw" elements like timber and pavement, as well as fixtures left over from the days of the Port Authority's occupancy, like the existing mast lighting and mooring cleats. Likewise, much of the site's marine structure and several of the existing buildings will be renovated and reused including the pier frames and cheek walls, the Pier 6 cafe, the boathouse at the foot of Pier 4, and the Smokestack Building located in Brooklyn Bridge Plaza.

Granite salvaged from the deconstruction of two bridges elsewhere in the city has been used extensively in the park, bringing a durable material elegance for a relatively low cost. The design also re-uses 40,000 cubic yards of clean fill from the MTA’s East Side Access project in the creation of new landforms on Pier 1, thus eliminating the necessity to acquire new materials from great distances and at great expense.

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