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Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation

BBP Introduces Public Art Program at 99 Plymouth

by Brooklyn Bridge Park on Aug 19, 2015

Community Room at 99 Plymouth building to feature work by local artists on a rotating basis

Brooklyn Bridge Park (BBP)is excited to welcome a series of installations featuring the work of local artists at 99 Plymouth, a former NYC Department of Environmental Protection maintenance building that has been adapted for park use and recently opened to the public in the Main Street section of the park. A feature of 99 Plymouth is its Community Room, which will host works by local artists in a variety of mediums. Newly painted murals by students of the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation (RPAF) are the very first of such installations.

For the inaugural series of projects, a small group of artists and arts groups were invited to submit proposals with an interactive component that engage social, environmental or historical aspects of the Park. Jennifer McGregor, Director of Arts and Senior Curator at Wave Hill, has been advising BBP on development of this project.

Titled At Home in the Park and inspired by the work of Mary Temple, the RPAF murals appear as shadows cast through adjacent windows. Students created the murals by taking action-based photos throughout the park and selecting the most compelling to depict. Outlines of the photographs were drawn with marker on acetate, projected, and sketched onto the walls in larger scale. Working in groups, students painted in great detail to achieve the expression of outdoor exuberance from an indoor perspective. At Home in the Park can be viewed through September 2015.

In mid-September, the next featured project begins with Come Say Hey by artist and educator Sarah Conarro. Working in collaboration with artist John Crowe, and architect and industrial designer Elizabeth Colestock Collins, Conarro encourages park users to share advice and opinions at a portable pop-up stand, which will tour through the park in late August. Written contributions will be pinned to the stand, while spoken ones will be preserved in “audio boxes.” These will be collected and displayed along with video projections of the park in a multimedia installation at 99 Plymouth on view from late September through November 2015.

The third scheduled installation, The Wonder Under, opens in November. Inspired by explorations and collections made along the river’s edge, artist Matt Jensen will photograph curious objects and spaces found in the Park for display at 99 Plymouth. Upon completion, Matt will lead walks through the same spaces from which his installation was created. The Wonder Under will be on display through January 2016. BBP looks forward to welcoming the public to these exhibitions and to 99 Plymouth. Opening hours are from 9:00am – 9:00pm, daily. For more information, please go to

Contact: Belinda Cape, [email protected] | 718-724-6432

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