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Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation
RFP Press Release

BBP Releases RFP for Pier 1 Food Kiosk Concession

by Brooklyn Bridge Park on Dec 10, 2015

Brooklyn Bridge Park (BBP) today released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a food concessionaire in the kiosk at the entrance of Pier 1. BBP is seeking inventive and creative proposals from quality operators with solid backgrounds in the food service industry. BBP’s intention is for the concession to complement the ambience and aesthetic of the park and surrounding area while providing a convenient service to the public

Located at the western terminus of Old Fulton Street, the Park’s most heavily trafficked entry point, the kiosk is adjacent to Fulton Ferry Landing and has uninterrupted views of the Brooklyn Bridge. The kiosk consists of approximately 120 square feet of kitchen and service area, with electric, water, and sewer connections. Its exterior façade is wrapped in the same longleaf yellow pine salvaged from the Cold Storage Warehouses used throughout the park, and features a green roof.

Through this RFP process, BBP hopes to capture the diversity and originality of local fare by featuring a fresh and original concession at Pier 1. The site is noteworthy for its past success in a neighborhood defined by robust culinary offerings. With nearby restaurants including longtime favorites, respected institutions, and groundbreaking newcomers, concessions at Brooklyn Bridge Park have distinguished it as a prominent contributor to the area’s food culture.

Responses to the RFP will be evaluated on the basis of their fee offer, operating experience, proposed capital investment and design, planned operations and financial capability. BBP will look favorably upon responses that include environmentally friendly practices and an awareness of the role of the concession as an integral part of the surrounding community.

There will be an informational session and site tour at 11:00am on December 18, 2015. Responses to the RFP must be submitted to BBP by 3:00pm on January 5, 2016. For more information, please visit our Business Opportunities page.

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