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Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy

Mayor Bill de Blasio Nominates Regina Myer as President of the BBP Corporation

by The City of New York Office of the Mayor on Jun 16, 2014

Mayor Bill de Blasio today nominated Regina Myer to continue serving as President of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation. As president of the BBPC for the past seven years, Myer has overseen the development, maintenance and operations of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s 85 acres of green space. If approved by the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation’s board of directors, Myer will continue to lead the park’s construction and daily operation efforts along Brooklyn’s East River shoreline.

A planning expert and citywide parks advocate, Myer brought decades of experience in city planning to Brooklyn Bridge Park when she joined the board in 2007. As the City Planning Department’s Brooklyn Borough Director, Myer developed a deep understanding of the city’s land development and rezoning processes. Over the past seven years, Myer has been an instrumental force in pursuing a sustainable and accessible vision for the park, and securing funding for the park’s development and maintenance.

“Our city’s parks help keep our residents healthy and our communities green—and Regina Myer has consistently pursued a blueprint for Brooklyn Bridge Park that champions both of these goals. Regina has been a strong leader for this park and the surrounding community, ensuring the park is self-sustaining, educational and enjoyable for all. Our administration looks forward to working with the full park board to continue developing an accessible space every New Yorker can enjoy,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“I would be honored to continue serving this community as president of Brooklyn Bridge Park. In my seven years with the park, we’ve worked hard to reinvigorate and expand the park into a beautiful and sustainable waterfront destination sought out by New York residents and visitors alike. I look forward to working with the de Blasio administration in the coming years to build Brooklyn Bridge Park into another one of this city’s great green spaces,” said Brooklyn Bridge Park President Regina Myer.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation is a not-for-profit entity responsible for the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of Brooklyn Bridge Park, an 85-acre sustainable waterfront stretching 1.3 miles along Brooklyn’s East River shoreline. The corporation’s mission is to create and maintain a world class park that is a recreational, environmental and cultural destination. The corporation operates under a mandate to be financially self-sustaining, which includes certain development sites within the project’s footprint.

About Regina Myer Regina Myer has served as President of Brooklyn Bridge Park since 2007, where she oversees the Park’s design, construction, maintenance and operations. Prior to joining the board, Myer was the senior vice president for planning and design at the Hudson Yards Development Corporation, and the Brooklyn Borough Director for the New York City Planning Department, where she directed the comprehensive redevelopment for two miles of the Greenpoint/Williamsburg waterfront, the rezoning of Downtown Brooklyn for high density office and apartments and numerous neighborhood rezoning efforts. She received her BA and Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan, and resides in Park Slope with her husband and two children.

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