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BBP Featured at the Van Alen Institute

New York City is not alone! From New Orleans, Louisiana to Seoul, Korea, cities all across the globe are reclaiming their waterfronts and rediscovering the perks of riverfront life. This revitalization of urban waterfronts is the subject of a new series of exhibitions at the Van Alen Institute. In their latest series of exhibitions, River City: Waterfront Design for Civic Life, Van Alen Institute will explore the utilization of waterfront space as it relates to culture and ecology. Brooklyn Bridge Park is honored to be featured in this new exhibition. With cities all across the world revitalizing their waterfronts, the ways in which these spaces are designed to maintain cultural, recreational, environmental, and economic vitality will be examined. Brooklyn Bridge Park will be the subject of the first exhibition in this series, Immensity and Intimacy: Brooklyn Bridge Park. This exhibition will discuss Brooklyn Bridge Park as a prototype for reinventing riverfront life in urban areas. This exhibition is open to the public through October 19th at the Van Alen Institute.

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