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MWA’s Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines

by Ryan Waddoups on Feb 9, 2015

The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance (MWA) is asking one simple question: how can we create the best waterfront possible?

MWA has introduced its Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines (WEDG), an innovative new tool to stimulate sustainable and effective waterfront transformation that effectively answers this question. The program is clear and easy to use, and offers designs that address public access, resiliency, and ecological health, and will result in waterfront projects that achieve goal of coexisting harmoniously with the water instead of fighting it.

Superstorm Sandy demonstrated the importance of resiliency and planning when it comes to the waterfront. We learned that our waterfront is a dependable utility but can wreak havoc if we are not prepared for the potential consequences of climate change. MWA introduced WEDG for this very reason.

BBP exemplifies many of the guidelines set forth by WEDG and was selected as a case study for the guidelines’ development. “Sustainability, waterfront access, and resilient design are central to the ethos of BBP and we are honored to be part of the WEDG program,” said Regina Myer, BBP’s President. Some of BBP’s WEDG-friendly features include its extensive use of native plants, stormwater collection, use of recycled and salvaged materials, and its dedication to biodiversity and marine life.

Be sure to check out the WEDG brochure here and the BBP Case Study here.

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