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East River Now Has a Sandy Shore in Brooklyn

Sandy Weinbaum took an early morning walk on the beach Tuesday with her granddaughter Amara and dog, Pepper. The beach is on the shore of the East River.

“I wanted her to see how wonderful and amazing this park is,” she said.

The Pier 4 beach is one of the newest areas of the park to open. It features the sand beach for relaxing and exploring nature. Non-motorized boats can also be launched from the site.

No swimming or wading is allowed.

“People can really enjoy the shoreline, understand the changes of the East River with the tides, and have a moment where they can really soak in the wonderful views of Lower Manhattan,” said Brooklyn Bridge Park President Regina Myer.

Seven tide pools were installed at the beach for the study of marine life. And just offshore the remnants of an old railroad float transfer bridge will be transformed into a nature preserve known as Bird Island.

“We’re hoping that space will enhance the wildlife environment and attract birds,” Myer said.

Not far from the beach is Pier 2 which opened in May, a five-acre sports pier which features a fitness area.

“It’s fabulous. It feels like a gift everyday,” said one park visitor.

“It’s just marvelous and on the weekends you see all the different people coming in and using it. I think it’s wonderful,” said another visitor.

Pier 2 also features basketball courts, a multipurpose turf field, bocce courts and a roller rink set to open next month.

“You sort of have to come out here early now because it’s super crowded these days so we try to get here early a couple of days a week,” said one visitor.

A variety of programs are planned for the new piers and the rest of the park this summer.

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