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Reasons to Love Syfy Movies With A View!

Starting July 9th, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy will start up one of its most popular summer programs! Syfy Movies With A View will run every Thursday night through August 27th at Pier 1 on the Harbor View Lawn. This year’s theme features a variety of films with plots that all take place in a time-span of 24 hours.

To kick off the first week, we thought we’d put together the top 8 (of many) reasons why Syfy Movies With A View is the perfect place to be on a summer night!

  1. The Breathtaking View
  2. Syfy Movies With A View is screened at Pier 1 on the Harbor View lawn, which looks out over lower Manhattan’s financial district, the East River and the Statue of Liberty! From up on the hill, you’ll have an incredible view of the city lights shining on the water and the unique skyline that is formed by the creative architecture sitting upon the opposite side of the river.

    ©Etienne Frossard

  3. The Yummy Food
  4. Everyone knows no movie night is complete without the right snacks! The park’s own concessions will be selling sweet candy and salty popcorn (cooked in coconut oil- so yes, it is even vegan!), as well as water and sodas to get your classic movie-food fix. But the other vendors in the park offer delicious food to pick up for a picnic dinner, as well as the restaurants on Old Fulton around the entrance to the park. Check out Eats and Drinks page to see what we’ve got in the park to fill your craving!

    ©Julienne Schaer

  6. Last summer the park hosted what was the first outdoor screening of Sharknado just before the release of its sequel. We’ll be doing the same for Sharknado 2 on July 16th, just before the premiere of the third movie. We’re expecting an exuberant crowd in the thousands just like last year! But this round, Sharknado is coming for New York City. Music by DJ Ming starts at 6, followed by the short film A.D. 1363, the End of Chivalry. At sundown, the movie begins!

    ©Etienne Frossard

  7. Stargazing
  8. As if the view of the lights over the river wasn’t already beautiful enough, at Syfy Movies With A View you’ll be able to explore the night sky above with telescopes provided by Syfy! The stars are a rare sight in the city, and the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York will be spending time helping out anyone who wants to take a glance up at the galaxy using the telescopes and naming the marvels that will be seen. This year we’ve even got brand new telescopes, so come help us try them out! Stargazing with us at the park is always a free activity for everyone!

    ©Etienne Frossard

  9. The ~Variety~
  10. Many parks all over the city this summer are offering outdoor movies, some with free admission, some for a charge. So Brooklyn Bridge Park decided to bring you a unique variety of movies you won’t be able to catch other places this summer. A volunteer film committee selected all the movies for the summer with a 24-hour plot line, working on this together just because they are passionate about bringing you all the best! The movie ratings range from PG to R, and cover all kinds of classics, so be sure to check out the schedule to find more information on which may be the right movie for you.

  11. Best picture contest
  12. The park loves to show off its exciting events and gorgeous scenery by posting pictures to our social media accounts. If you come to Syfy Movies With a View and have access to a smartphone, be sure to take some pictures and upload them to Instagram with #SyfyMWAV. Each movie night we’ll have a different contest theme. The winners we pick for the evening will receive a gift bag from the park SWAG bag! So come on, let’s get snapping! And while you’re at it, why not follow the park’s Instagram account - @brooklynbridgepark - to see what other cool stuff we’ve got going on!

  13. The free bike valet
  14. So if we haven’t already mentioned that Syfy Movies With A View offers a ton of freebies- like admission and stargazing!- every Thursday night, thanks to Transportation Alternatives there is a free bike valet set up near the Pier 1 entrance, at the corner of Old Fulton and Furman St., for anyone who wants to cycle down. Parking the bikes together instead of locking them to rails around the park helps us keep the pathways clear for safety and ease. Let us help you help us!

    ©Etienne Frossard

  15. Last but not least- our new Photobooth
  16. For the first time ever Brooklyn Bridge Park is setting up a fun photobooth for free at our Syfy Movies With A View! These summer nights are filled with incredible memories so we’ll help you snapshot a few to hold on to. Come bring yourselves, friends, family, and all your smiles, and we’ll email you and/or Instagram your photo! They will be pre-sized to perfectly fit the Instagram frame so that you can upload your pic to share with your friends, and of course tag #SyfyMWAV. We have some great ideas to switch things up a bit each week, so feel free to come back and visit us whenever you’re around on a movie night.

    Syfy Movies With A View start Thursday, July 9th! See you at the park!
    Full details on Syfy Movies with a View can be found here.

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