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Photo by Alex MacLean
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Top 10 Spots for Kids

  1. Swing Valley
  2. Swing over to Swing Valley at Pier 6, a favorite for kids who enjoy the ups and downs of its ten swing sets and flying through the air on its Tarzan ropes.
    ©Julienne Schaer

  3. Main Street Playground
  4. Ahoy! The kids will feel a wave of excitement about this nautically-themed playground - it has climbing equipment decorated with sails and a boat-shaped sandbox.
    ©Julienne Schaer

  5. Basketball Courts
  6. Hoop it up with the whole family - Pier 2 has basketball courts located out on the East River. So, after you all dunk, you can take the family for a dunk at the Pop-Up Pool.
    ©Julienne Schaer

  7. Ample Hills Creamery
  8. Make any day even sweeter by scooping up the kids for a trip to Ample Hills Creamery. Try their famous flavors like Salted Crack Caramel, Ooey Gooey Butter Cake or Mexican Hot Chocolate.
    ©Etienne Frossard

  9. Sandbox Village
  10. Show the little ones a record-breaking good time. Sandbox Village at Pier 6 is the largest sandbox in all of New York City - so there’s room for toddlers and older kids too!
    ©Julienne Schaer

  11. Jane’s Carousel
  12. Make merry with the next generation and visit Jane’s Carousel, a gorgeous antique ride originally built in 1922, now restored for park-goers young and old.
    ©Etienne Frossard

  13. Slide Mountain
  14. Let the kids scale this mountain of fun: two stories of incredible slides, not to mention jungle gyms that offer an equally playful change of pace. Check it out at Pier 6!
    ©Julienne Schaer

  15. Marsh Garden
  16. Introduce your children to mother nature at the Marsh Garden at Pier 6, a quiet setting that immerses them in the park’s lush waterfront ecosystem.
    ©Julienne Schaer

  17. Water Lab
  18. Our hypothesis: the Water Lab at Pier 6 is kid paradise. Let them experiment with fun amid a water-jet field designed to keep everyone smiling for hours.
    ©Etienne Frossard

  19. Pier 5 Sports Fields
  20. Have a field day at Pier 5 - play soccer, lacrosse, rugby, flag football or ultimate Frisbee - have the kids bring their friends or let them meet new teammates.
    ©Julienne Schaer

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