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Photo by Alex MacLean
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A Guide to Reused Features at the Future Pier 3

From the wood in our benches to the paving stones in our plazas, BBP is full of repurposed and recycled elements. Here are three reused features you’ll see at the future Pier 3!

  1. Bollards & Cleats
  2. Bollards and cleats arranged on Pier 3.
    Before they became public parkland, BBP’s piers welcomed ships from all over the world. These ships were moored to the piers by wrapping ropes around bollards and cleats, sturdy metal structures fixed to the piers’ edges. When Pier 3 opens, you’ll find refurbished bollards and cleats, beveled to make them play-friendly, scattered whimsically around its labyrinth playground.

  3. Railroad Ties
  4. Railroad ties that were found at the Pier 5 uplands.
    The Brooklyn waterfront wasn’t always the final destination for goods arriving here. Most were either shipped to the shore or away from it on railroads, which ran right down to the water. When construction on the park began, a number of old railroad ties were found at the area soon to open as the Pier 5 uplands. These same ties will be refurbished and installed alongside kaleidoscopic mirrors in an inventive play feature at Pier 3!

  5. Pier Shed Frames & Signs
  6. Pier 3’s shed frames with a coat of yellow primer applied before refurbishing.
    Pier 3 will follow the trend set at Piers 2, 5, and 6 by refurbishing the frame of the storage shed that once stood there. The sheds were known for their vibrant light blue color, which can still be seen on the frames throughout the park today! As with the other piers, Pier 3 will also regain its original pier label sign, after we’ve touched it up.
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