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Photo by Alex MacLean
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Construction Update: Pier 5 Uplands

Last summer, the Pier 5 uplands section of BBP was a flat stretch of asphalt. Today, a new sound-attenuating berm rises above the beginnings of what will become BBP’s newest parkland when it opens in 2017.

The Pier 5 uplands from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

The Pier 5 uplands will add 4.6 acres of green space to the Park and several new features for visitors to enjoy including expansive new lawns, shaded seating areas, winding paths and a multi-level boathouse with public restrooms. The design incorporates elevation changes into the space, so crews have been busy building up topography throughout the site. These higher elevations will afford great views of New York Harbor and the Lower Manhattan skyline.

Landscaping in progress with the skyline view on display

Along the eastern edge of the site, the berm will dampen and deflect the deafening blare of traffic from the neighboring Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Currently standing at 25 feet, the berm will eventually reach a height of 35 feet. To prevent erosion and weed growth, the berm has been planted with a cover crop, in this case oats. The roots will hold the berm’s shape and prevent weed growth during construction. This cover crop was planted using a method known as hydroseeding - spraying it with a mixture of water and seeds - which ensures complete seed coverage and encourages germination immediately after planting.

Cover crops protecting the in-progress berm

The northern end of the berm will wrap around another of the uplands’ features, the terraced lawn. Four distinct levels, rising gradually over ten feet of elevation, make up the lawn. Nestled in the berm and with a lovely vantage from which to look out at the Harbor, the terraced lawn will bring a unique experience to the southern end of BBP.

The future site of the shady grove

A shaded grove with flexible seating rounds out the Pier 5 uplands’ landscape. With a soft surface and bounded by a lush rain garden, it will provide a quiet contrast to the lively Picnic Peninsula nearby.

A rendering of the completed shady grove. ©Brooklyn Bridge Park

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax, paths to explore, or the best new views on this end of the Park, you won’t be able to pass up visiting the Pier 5 uplands.

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