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Ed Center's new theme: Weather

One great thing about the Environmental Education Center is how compelling and exciting it is. It doesn’t matter if it is your first or your fifteenth visit, you’ll be able to uncover a fact about the park and learn something new.

©Alexa Hoyer

In 2016, we’ll have 4 different themes that will change with each season; bringing new adventures, interactive activities, and fun into the Ed Center. You’ll also want to drop-in each month to complete a brand new matching craft for the current theme. Below are 5 things you can look forward to discovering during your visits in the New Year.

  1. Starting in January, the Ed Center’s theme will be weather! Come stop by to learn about the types of weather and climate experienced here in New York as well as globally.
  2. Get ready to make some beaded snowflakes to kick off the winter season!
  3. ©Alexa Hoyer
  4. Discover how a scientist studies weather by interacting with our own mini-weather station.
  5. A new theme also means new books in the reading library! Snuggle up with our comfy pillows and enjoy a story, such as Eric Carle’s The Little Cloud.
  6. ©Alexa Hoyer
  7. We don’t want to spoil ALL the surprises. Come by during open hours for some other fun, weather related activities about the changing of seasons, the water cycle, and more!
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