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Environmental Education Center Celebrates Birds

From now until the end of the year, the Environmental Education Center will be filled with special activities about our feathered park inhabitants: birds!

Wonder what that red bird you spot on your morning walk is called? Have you been hearing a constant chirping sound by your bedroom window? We have bird identification games for all ages that will teach you the sights and sounds of the feathered friends found in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The newest feature in the Center is our lifesize bird’s nest! Let imagination soar as you act like a hatchling, or perhaps a hungry predator! Filled with comfy bird pillows, jumbo eggs, and plush birds with authentic bird calls, the nest is a perfect place to rest and learn!

If you are feeling artsy, waddle over to the craft table to make your own bird puppet! Afterwards you can head to the puppet theater to put on your very own show.

The Ed Center also has real bird feathers and nests on display that you can get a closer look at with a magnifying glass or microscope! The reading library is full of fun stories like A Cuddle for Little Duck by Claire Freedman, and a number of field guides for beginners and experts alike.

Cold weather may signal migration for many birds, but the Education Center is here and open year-round! Fly over during our November and December Open Hours to participate in all the bird fun!

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