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Photo by Alex MacLean
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Flex Your Green Thumb By Volunteering at Green Team!

Credit: Alexa Hoyer

New Yorkers spend a lot of time inside. Whether it’s cramped in a subway car, or cramped in a tiny apartment, we could all do with more fresh air. This spring, get out into the Park and away from the cabin fever by helping out at Green Team. Volunteering at Brooklyn Bridge Park is a great way to spend quality time outdoors, while getting involved with a great community in the process.

If you’re interested in flexing your green thumb, then Green Team is for you! Our most popular volunteer program, this opportunity caters to all ages and abilities. Participants play a key role in keeping the Park healthy and beautiful by assisting Brooklyn Bridge Park staff on horticultural projects. Thanks to these hardworking volunteers, a gardening project that normally takes days to complete will finish in a few hours. In 2018, volunteers removed 55 cubic yards, or 11,000 gallons, of weeds! 

Credit: Elizabeth Harnett

Projects this season will include: weeding the Greenway, the most popular thoroughfare that runs through the park; mulching tree beds by Pier 1, keeping our natively sourced trees healthy; and tending to the edges of plant beds at Empire Fulton Ferry, so that the views of the Brooklyn Bridge are even more perfect. 

These are just a few examples of the amazing work Green Team volunteers do every week. It’s a fantastic opportunity for individuals, families, or a  group of friends. If you’re interested, come on down and try it out! It’s an easy commitment and no prior registration is required. Drop-in any Saturday morning this summer at 10:00 AM on Pier 1.

Visit our Green Team page, for full details.


Credit: Alexa Hoyer

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