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From mulching to movies, volunteers do it all

Volunteers can be seen working in Brooklyn Bridge Park every day: they may be cleaning the coastline, weeding the gardens, or answering visitor questions at the Info Station. But volunteers also work behind the scenes.

Have you ever wondered how the selection of films are chosen for Movies With A View – one of the Park’s most popular summer programs? A group of 15 dedicated volunteers meet in January to curate the collection seen by thousands of viewers over the summer.

The process is a meticulous one. First, a theme is chosen for the season. Past years have included “Americana”, “Animals,” and “Dynamic Duos.” The theme for this year’s 8-week-long film series is “Resistance,” and it will highlight issues of race, gender, protest, and triumph.

© Etienne Frossard

Once the theme is chosen, volunteers research and pick the films they believe resonate with that theme. A month later they come back together, ready to debate their choices with the rest of the committee. Starting with over a hundred movies, seven final films are selected – representing different genres, and ensuring an eclectic yet stimulating mix of cinema.

The theme of “Resistance” is especially significant now, and has allowed for a multi-faceted collection of films. This year’s selection includes Casablanca (1942), Office Space (1999) and The Lego Movie (2014), depicting resistance in all forms: war, white collar business and the world of toys, amongst others.

Remember, just because you’re not on the Film Committee, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your voice heard. The last screening of the summer on August 24 is the public’s choice!

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