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Flying high and scavenging low, birds are all around us! Brooklyn Bridge Park provides essential habitat for migrating birds traveling along the Atlantic Flyway and nesting grounds for other year-round residents.

All About Bird Anatomy

Examine the parts of the body of a bird with this neat interactive anatomy guide from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Click the image to begin.

Bird Adaptation Matching Games

Different birds have evolved to have different shaped feet, beaks, and feathers. Can you correctly match the birds with their correct features? There are 3 games in total, click the links below!

Bird Storytime

Click here to access a recommended reading list of bird stories from Brooklyn Public Library. 


Think like a bird as you make these fun crafts!

Virtual Open Hours

Watch this video to learn all about local birds! Featuring special guests from the Wild Bird Fund, showing us a glimpse of their rehabilitation facilities and some of the feathered friends currently in their care.

Bird Scavenger Hunt

Print a copy of our bird scavenger hunt and head outside! We recommend exploring along the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront and Pier 1 trails, but this activity can also be done in other outdoor locations.

Additional Bird Resources

Audubon Kids Page

Become a birding expert with this website of kid-friendly visuals, audio, and games all about birds!

Wild Bird Fund

NYC’s Wild Bird Fund rehabilitates sick, injured or orphaned wildlife and releases them back to the wilds of New York City. Learn more about what they do and how you can help!

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