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Weather & Climate

Celebrate the changing of seasons and types of weather with these fun at-home experiments, quizzes, and outdoor activities!

Weather Experiments

Learn how to make a cloud in a jar, tornado in a bottle, and a paper plate sundial by watching the video below. Click here for a PDF of materials and directions.


Get creative with these weather and climate inspired crafts!

Quiz: Are You a Weather Wiz?

Test your knowledge of weather patterns and meteorology. Great for middle school students and above!

Outdoor Exploration

Step into the role of a meteorologist with this short weather observations activity sheet (designed for Pre-K-2nd grade)

For a harder outdoor challenge, use a cloud viewer to identify the different types of clouds you see over the course of a week!

Virtual Open Hours

Discover the difference between weather and climate with the video below!

Weather Storytime

Click here to access a recommended reading list of weather and climate stories from Brooklyn Public Library.

Climate Kids

Learn all about climate change in a kid-friendly way. NASA’s Climate Kids webpage features great visuals, videos, and games for all ages.

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