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Densely vegetated areas of Brooklyn Bridge Park echo a forest edge ecosystem, once common in this region. The shrubbery, abundant berries, and herbaceous flowering plants provide habitat and forage for many birds, insects, and even mammals!

Game: Mammals of Brooklyn and Beyond

There are a lot of mammals that live throughout New York State, but not all of them can be found in NYC and even fewer are seen in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Can you correctly determine which mammals can be seen locally and which are only found outside of NYC?

Click the image below to begin playing the game!

Once you are done, click here for an answer key.

Game: Camouflaged Creatures

Many animals have the ability to blend in, or camouflage, very well with the forest landscape. This allows them to stay out of sight from predators! Are you ready for an I SPY challenge?

Woodlands Reading List

Click here to access a recommended reading list of forest and woodland stories from Brooklyn Public Library.

Woodlands Scavenger Hunt

Search for animal dens, leaf buds, mushrooms, and more! Print out this special scavenger hunt and head to the Pier 1 woodland trails in Brooklyn Bridge Park (or find a forested area in another local park.) This activity can be extra exciting to do during the changing of seasons, like winter to spring!

Virtual Open Hours

Watch and learn as our educators share exciting information about forest animals and plants, including nature objects like skulls, pelts, and bark.

Webinar: Wildlife Rehabilitation in NYC

Learn about the essential role that local NYS licensed wildlife rehabilitators play in protecting wildlife, the challenges urban animals face, and what you can do to help!

Learn more about NYC Wildlife

The concrete jungle is more wild than you might think! Learn more about urban wildlife through these two great websites designed by NYC Parks and

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