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Join a free public tour of this historic U.S. Navy vessel that was originally deployed during Vietnam and later used to train U.S. helicopter pilots.

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Apologies, this event has already taken place.

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In advance of construction of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Marina, The Baylander IX-514 will open for tours as part of a larger program designed to highlight the history of the ship and its extraordinary background, as well as facilitate the Marina’s community boating program. This marks the first time in its history that the Baylander is open to the public.

The Baylander IX-514 131-foot vessel began its service in Vietnam in 1968. In 1986 the Baylander was transformed into a helicopter trainer for the U.S. Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard. For more than 10 years the ship provided a cost-effective training platform for single-spot deck landings, covering both day and night operations. Since 1986 the Baylander completed 120,000 error-free helicopter landings with a record of 346 landings in one day in June 1988.