Brooklyn Americana Music Festival

Brooklyn Americana Music Festival presents original and traditional country, folk, roots, blues, old time and bluegrass artists.

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Apologies, this event has already taken place.

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Saturday 9/22/18
2:00 PM Nora Brown
2:30 PM Sabine McCalla
3:00 PM Giri and Uma Peters
3:30 PM M Shanghai String Band
4:30 PM Clarence Bucaro
5:00 PM Mamie Minch and Tamar Korn
6:00 PM Jolie Holland and Samantha Parton
7:00 PM City Billies

Sunday 9/23/18
2:00 PM Rosetta and Evelyn
2:30 PM Ali Dineen and Feral Foster
3:00 PM The Maybelles
4:00 PM Will Scott w/ Charlie Burnham
5:00 PM Jefferson Hamer
6:00 PM The Wild Goats
7:00 PM The Woes

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More about Brooklyn Americana Music Festival

The Brooklyn Americana Music Festival comprises fifty free shows at nine locations along the spectacular New York City waterfront. FREE day time shows for all ages in The Archway Under the Manhattan Bridge and at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Evening shows every night at beloved pioneer establishments Jalopy Theatre, Jalopy Tavern, Sunny’s Bar, 68 Jay Street Bar and Superfine Restaurant Bar.