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Getting to Know the Trees of the Park

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Join Brooklyn Bridge Park horticulturist, Evelyn Manlove, for an exciting evening exploration of our local park trees!

Learn about the most common and interesting trees you can find in the Park, as well as some tips for easy identification throughout all seasons. We’ll discover some of the challenges our urban plants face, as well as the many important roles trees play in the Park’s design. From ecological functions to ornamental value, our Park trees are very important. Learn more about Evelyn Manlove in event details below.

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      About Evelyn Manlove

      Evelyn Manlove has been playing a role in shaping and maintaining the landscape at Brooklyn Bridge Park ever since joining the Horticulture department as a Seasonal Gardener in 2015. Stepping into the role of Horticulturist in 2019, Evelyn works closely with every member of the Horticulture staff to ensure that horticulture best practices are upheld and in line with the Park’s mission of sustainability, fostering urban ecology and creating a beautiful place of respite for all New Yorkers. 

      She is a NOFA certified Organic Landcare Professional and holds a Certificate in Horticulture from Brooklyn Botanic Garden and a Certificate in Botany from New York Botanical Garden. Prior to the Park she worked in the residential and interior landscaping industries. 

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