2012 Public Art Installations

People by Oscar Tuazon

Brooklyn Bridge Park was proud to host Oscar Tuazon: People, presented by the Public Art Fund. This exhibition was the first site-specific exhibition created for Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Artist Oscar Tuazon debuted three new sculptures that responded to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s landscape and its role as a place of play and leisure. Incorporating natural materials and industrial building techniques, these hybrid sculptures were on display on Pier 1 until October 2013. To learn more about Oscar Tuazon and his latest works, please click here to read the press release.

©Etienne Frossard

Hindsight is Always 20/20 by R. Luke DuBois

Brooklyn Bridge Park was proud to host Hindsight is Always 20/20, an installation by R. Luke Dubois at Empire Fulton Ferry. The installation consisted of 43 lightboxes that represent the State of the Union addresses of 43 American presidents. Words printed on each lightbox are based on the Snellen Chart of optical acuity, with the most frequently spoken words are at the top and the least spoken are at the bottom. The result is a unique examination of each president during his term in office.


Perpetual Energy presented by Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition

In August 2012, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC) presented and curated a second exhibit in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Dedicated to the theme Perpetual Energy, the curators were “looking at work that taps into the free energy that surrounds us, like the sun, wind and the current of the East River — sculpture that implies infinity of circular argument, and work that pays homage to the idea of environmental and social sustainability.”