Brooklyn Bridge Park COVID-19 Response

Brooklyn Bridge Park is working closely with the Mayor’s Office and the City’s Health Department to closely monitor this quickly evolving public health concern. The health and safety of BBP’s staff, visitors, and community is the top priority. While the Park is open, please note that it is open for passive use and solitary recreation only. We encourage people to walk their dog, go for a run, or just spend a few minutes outside. While in the Park, please be sure to practice good social distancing, keeping at least 6 feet apart from others.

Until further notice, the following locations are closed:

  • All Playgrounds
  • Pier 3 Labyrinth
  • Pier 6 Volleyball Courts
  • Pier 2 Basketball Courts
  • Pier 2 Handball Courts
  • Pier 5 Picnic Peninsula
  • The Environmental Education Center
  • Jane’s Carousel. For more information visit Jane’s Carousel
  • BHS DUMBO. For more information visit Brooklyn Historical Society
  • BPL Annex. For more information visit Brooklyn Public Library

All Pier 5 Athletic Permits Suspended until further notice, including the Conservancy’s soccer leagues. Please contact your league administrator for updates.

Public parks are a vital part of urban living. We encourage visitors to the park at this time, but we ask that you do so in a socially responsible way – keep 6 feet apart from other people, wash your hands or use hand-sanitizer frequently, do not shake hands, and stay home if you feel unwell.

Please take all precautions to protect yourself and those around you by following NYC Health Guidelines