Community Advisory Council

Photo by Julienne Schaer

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Community Advisory Council (CAC) is the primary forum through which the community can provide feedback and comments to the Corporation on its major initiatives and policies. Membership for the CAC was chosen in consultation with local elected officials representing the park. The CAC is governed by its own set of by-laws that pertain to, among other things, selection of officers, voting, formation of committees and the scheduling of meetings. Any amendments to the by-laws shall become effective only upon affirmative vote of the majority of the CAC members and subsequent approval by vote of the Corporation. The By-Laws of the Council can be downloaded here.

CAC Members and Committees

All meetings will be held at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Offices at 334 Furman Street at 6:30pm, unless otherwise noted.
These meetings are open to the public.
This schedule is subject to change.