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Section: Conservancy Members

Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy is most appreciative of the hundreds of individuals and organizations who generously support and attend our events and activities each year. We gratefully acknowledge the following neighbors, families, and businesses who have each made a gift of $250 or more.

Corporate Members

Waterfront Society Members

Natalia Chefer and Joel Tompkins
Leslie Henshaw and Renny Mendez
Robert K. Steel
Jennifer and Ryan Votaw
Jillian and Jordan Woods
Rebecca Wright and Michael McDonald
Richard Yancey
Jesse and Craig Spain
Cynthia Arato and Daniel Weisberg
Kristin and Peter Becker
Landis and James Best
David S. Bigelow
Jill Braver
Pamela Brown and George Canellos
Susan Buckley and Lance Sherman
Rhea Cohen
Andrea and Paul Compton
Benjamin F. Crane
Rita Csejtey and Paul Gazzerro
Jane DeBevoise
Lorraine and Gordon DiPaolo
Paula and Hayden Dunbar
Lizanne Fontaine and Robert Buckholz
Anne Forward and Anthony Schlesinger
Elizabeth Franks
Laurie Garrett
Ellen and Scott Hand
Veola Leslie Harper
Judith E. Hazen
Judy Hiltz

Suzanne and Kieran Holohan
Brittany and Peter Kelly
Judie and John LaRosa
Bella and Jeff Mancini
Stephanie and Jason Manske
Mary Lu Bilek and Aaron Marcu
Dennis and Kathi McAvena
Melanie and Neal McKnight
Barbara and Richard Moore
Erika Nijenhuis and Chris Bastian
Tanja Norwood and Eric Huang
Susan and Peter Restler
Betsy and Bo Rodgers
Sheila Scharfman and Will Socolov
Karen and Samuel Seymour
Hildy Simmons and David Sprafkin
Marcia Smith and Ken Andrichik
Sandra and Thomas Stiles
Lisa and Drew Talarico
Sara and David Taplitz
Robyn Tarnofsky and Antony Ryan
Nathalie and Jonathan ten Oever
Narcissa and John Titman
Tracy and Bill Ullman
Patty and Vincent Vigorita
Heather and Sean Ward
Earl D. Weiner
Donna and Robert Whiteford
Barbara and Michael Zimmerman

Individual & Family Members

Anita Abraham-Inz and Richard Inz
Sarah and David Abramowitz
Eileen Acheson-Bohn
Ana Acosta
Melanie Adams
Herbert Adasko
Adedayo Adedeji and Fredrik Anderson
Poliris Akinci
Lesley Aldeman
Karolina and Clinton Alford
Alexandra Alger and Daniel Chung
Sarah Allen and William Pohle
Richard Allman
Elizabeth Alton
Jose and Louella San Juan
Nicole and H. Jack Geiger
Patricia Anderson
Beth Anderson
Ms. Susan Antoniou
Meredith Appell
Elisa Arce and Alan Hom
Erin Argo
Raina Arora
Lizabeth and Georges Arum
Danielle Ausrotas and William Behr
Dr. Grace H. Ayanru
Kathy Bacon-Greenberg
Suzanne Bagert and Alan Arkin
Marie Bain
Gloria Lanza Bajo and Theodore Bajo
Samantha and Malcolm Baker
Dolores and Walter Balcerak
Lisa Balfe and Andrew Line
Beverly Ballard
Benjamin Bankson
Suzanne Barabas-Betts and Derick Betts Jr.
Claudia Barber
Ingrid Barillas and Rodolfo Sanchez
Diane and Douglas Barnes
Michael Barnett
Kathryn Barnier
Tania Baron
Kristen Barrett and Daniel Wrzesinski
Katherine and Gary Bartholomaus
Dr. Edith L. Bartley
Jeffrey and Margaret Bary
Ilana Batnitzky
Susan and Benjamin Baxt
Linda Beebe
Rachel and Anthony C. Belcher
Tamara and Gregory Belinfanti
Jan Bell
Carmen and Cyprian Belle
Pia Thompson Bennett and Naila Bennett
Joshua Berezin
Emily and Andrew Berger
Faith Saume Berges
Anneke Berken
Taryn Berkett
Sasha Berlin
Marisol Bermudez
Therese Bernbach
Emily Bernstein and Jason Fry
Alice Bernstein and Jack Couch
Roslyn Biskin and Rodney Crumrine
Heidi Blau
Kimberly Bliss
Hannah Blitzer
Erin Levi Blondes and Bradley Blondes
Victor Bobes
Zachary Boger and Arielle DiGiacomo
Meryl Bonderow
Judith and Bernard Boroson
Julia Bovey and Mark Elliot
Alan and Ellen Bowin
Alyssa Boyer
Susie and Kevin Brandmeyer
Michelle Brawner and Lee Minor
Helen C. Brennan
Jennifer Breznay and Daniel Klein
Denise Bricker and Kenneth Crowley
Pamela Brier and Peter Aschkenasy
Alyce and William Briggs
Jessica Bristow
Chase Brock
Juliette Brody
Melinda Broman and Lynne Christensen
Michelle and John Brooks
Sydelle Brooks
Rachel H. Brumberg
Elizabeth Buckholz and Anthony Ciaccio
Thomas Buckley
Mary Lou and Willard Bunn
Roger Bunn
Andrew Burgie
Richard Burlage
Mary Butler and Donald Fraser
Victoria Calabro
Indira Cano
Paula Caron and Dan Teper
Sharon and Brad Carroll
Jessica Carter
Ioanios Caruso and Andrew Zaeh
Jeanne Cascio
Elizabeth Caudle and Matthew Ziegelbaum
Ms. Delores Cepeda
Joseph Chambers
Patricia and Mike Chaple
Taylor Chapman
Michele Charles
Kam Chee and Kwok Fung
Wendy Chen and David Wei
Mimi Cheung-McGowan
Elizabeth M. Childs
Gwendolyn and Thomas Chittenden
Prim Chuensumran and Sinje Lesemann
Betty Chung
Katherine Clifford
Carmen and Francisco Co
Therese L. Coburn
Jessica Coccaro
Shruti and Patrick Cogny
Mia and Carter Cole
Jonathan Cole
Leon Collins
Barbara and Keith Collins
La Neice Collins
Linda Collins
Daniel Colton
Karen and Spencer Compton
Joseph Condon
Bernard Condon
Di and Matt Coneybeare
Margery Cooper and Neil Corwin
Frederick Cordner
Carol Cornbill
Alison Cornell and C. Arthur Shangra
Karen and Joseph Corozzo
Helen and William Covington
Jenelle Covino and Elliot Winard
Clarissa Crader
Joseph Criscione
Kendell Cronstrom
Sandra Crooks
Kathleen and Stephen Cropper
Ira S. Cure
Hope Dana and John Perkins
Courtney Dankworth and Russell Capone
Lauren Davenport
Marilyn Davidson and Stephen Barber
Trace Davis and Andrew Marcus
Harrison M. Davis III
Audra and Dimetrius Dawson
Nicole Fasnacht De Martini
Jackson Deane
Christina Deguardi
Nanne Dekking and Frank Ligtvoet
Barbara and Alan Delsman
Elizabeth Delsman and Lee Hunter
Juliette Denkin
Jennifer and Joseph DePaolo
Kevin and Becky DeYoe
Barbara Dicks
Kerry Dinneen and Sam Sutphin
Matthew Dockery
Samantha and Colin Dodds
Martha Doggett
Liz Ann and Buzz Doherty
Brian Donovan and William Kirkwood
Beth and Steven Dorfman
Linda and Jeffrey Douglas
Regina Downey and Richard Brukner
Kerry and David Doyaga
Rita and Thomas Dreier
Ellen Drexler and Steven Freimark
Julia Due
Shirah Dunphy
Mark C. Dwyer
Deb and Suz Dyer
Karen and Amos Edelman
Laura Edelman and Ryan Burdick
Sandra Edmund
Michaela and Arthur Edwards
Julie and Doug Eisenstein
Fern and Samuel Elkind
Ann and Dwight Ellis
Susie and Tony Ellis
Kathleen and Ronald Ellis
Kenneth Elterman
Nicole Emmons
Lenore Engel, M.D.
Nina Epstein
Ann Marie and Christian Everdell
Philip Eways
Sonia Ewers and Dino Delvaille
Fermin Ezquer
Sherry and Steven Faicco
Robin Faine
Joy Fallek
Irene Fallon
Carmen and Antonio Farina
Diana Farley
Maria Favuzzi
Jay Feather
Hilda Feinstein
Mr. Neil R. Feldman
Ben Feller
Amanda Ferguson and Jennifer Pariseau
Linda and Geoffrey Field
Maribel Figueredo and Mark Anderson
Beverly Filbey
Leslie Findlen
Henni and Carl Fisher
Judith R. and Alan H. Fishman
Andrea Fishman
Camilla and Peter Flemming
Jacquelyn and Henry Florsheim
Molly Flueckiger and Richard Resnick
Martha Foley and Claude Scales
Diane Forney and Kevin Proctor
Frederick T. Francis III
Herve Francois
Valerie Frankel and Stephen Quint
Deborah Franklin
Elizabeth Fraser and Patrick Killackey
Denise Fraser-Crisona and Richard Crisona
Karen and Larry Fridkis
Sally Friedman and David Gmach
Dr. Suzanne Frye
Mark and Marjorie Fuerst
Anne Fulenwider and Bryan Blatstein
Maryellen Fullerton and Thomas Roberts
Linda Gaal and Rachel Efron
Desire Gadsden
John Galatti
Meghan Gallagher and Roger Gill
John and Deborah Gallagher
Heather and Matthew Galle
Laurie and Thomas Gallo
Kelly and Brian Gallozzi
Gina Gallucci
Ms. Victoria Garcia
David Gardella
Katherine Garrett and William O’Neill
Ana Gasteyer and Charles McKittrick
Emily and Adam Gasthalter
Jennifer Geismar and Peter Hyman
Kerry Gendron and Ruben Neves
Bennett Genis
Fern and Tony Gentile
Tina and Michael Gerling
Brook and Avi Gesser
Christina Gibb and Matthew Mahoney
Colin Gifkins
Gillett and John Gilbert
Elizabeth Gilbert and Shaun Donovan
Jane and Raymond Gill
Eleanor and Lyle Gittens
Melissa Glass and David Black
Tamara Glenny and Michael Thomas
Marylin Go and Richard Dolan
Lois Goddard
Susan and Steven Gold
Adrienne and Jonathan Goldman
Stuart Goldstein
Sarah Goldwyn and Perry Schmergel
Georgia Gomez
Darrell Goodman
Elizabeth Goodman and David Brown
Jennifer Goodwin and Lucas Rotman
Carlton Gordon
Dana Gorman
Elaine and David Gould
Barry Gradman
Philip Graham
Karen Granby and Charles Brisky
Marilyn and Craig Grant
Michelle Grasparil and Rolando Villanueva
Barbara H. Grcevic
Christina Grdovic and Henry Baltz
Eddi Chapman Green
Lenore Greenberg
Maria and Peter Griffin
Brian Griffith
Alice and Robin Griffiths
Michael Grimstad
Dana and Scott Grubin
Mark Guralnick
Robert Gutt
Jennifer and Peter Gyr
Ursula Hahn
Natalie and Matthew Hahn
Jane Hamburger
Melanie Hanan and Reed Lowenstein
Anna and Jay Harrington
Veasna Has
Anisul Hasan
Dakeeta Hatcher
A. Edward Hatoff and Ron Bulla
Susan Hauck
Cecelia Ann Hauptman and Stanley Hauptman
Chris Havens
Alexes Hazen
Maureen Heaphy
Anne Heller and Tom Nagorski
Alice Henkin and John Nicolich
Patricia and Bruce Henry
Susan Herman and Jeremy Travis
Luis Flores Hernandez and Stefan Schweinfest
Marissa Hernandez
Sadelle Hershey-Miller
Frederick Hess
Lyn Hill
Leda Hill
Harrison Hogan
Brittany Holloway
Yosuke Honjo
Barbara Hooberman
Susan Hood
Linda and Sandy Hornick
Paula Horowitz and Scott Horn
Dagmar Hossfeld
Zontee Hou
David House
Gabrielle Howard and Martin Skoble
Carolyn Hubbard-Kamunanwire
Stanislav Hubka
Alexandra and Neil Hughes
Richard Hulbert
Paula and Alan Hunt
Erin Hurley
Juliette Ibelli and Juan Salazar
Michael Impollonia
Brenda and Jonathan Insull
Lois Jackson
Ellen Jacobs
Ronnie Sue Jaffe and Geoffrey Gibson
Hiro Jaisinghani
Paula James
Janelle James and George Wai
Shirley Johns
Evora Johnson
Ann Marie Johnson
Rachel Johnston and AJ Pires
Junia Joseph and Michael Miranda
Ava Joseph
Jonathan Judge
Kai Hecker and Hyon Jung Lee
Evelyn Kalibala
Linda Kane
Meredith Kantola
Lori and Ross Kaplan
Constantine Karalis
Dana Kasarsky and Daniel Wise
Laura Feinland Katz
Katriona and Matthew Kearney
Liberty Kelly
Catherine Kenyatta
Denise Keppel and Robert Buck
Nadine Kim and Mikael Grubb
Sandra Kincaid
Gail and Darryl Kirshy
Lauren Klein
David Klem
Seth Klempner
Rachel and Jacob Kluger
Joanna Knobler and Ira Kawaller
Oliver Knowlton
James Konkel
Kathleen Konopka

Sharon and Steve Kornblum
Anna Kornilakis and Timothy Ross
Caroline and James Koster
Zina Kotlyar and Marc Fernich
Carrie Kran
Carrie Kreifels and Sanj Sanampudi
Jessica and Ben Krejcie
Ellen Krug and Denis Meadows
Marisa and Paul Kubiak
Katrina and Michael Kuh
Terry Kung and Oliver Kung Chow
Vanessa Lance
Anne and Mark Landman
Gregory Lantz
Christine Larchian and Nicholas DeSantis
Neal Last
Dr. Wayne Lavender
Amy Lazarides and Manish Sharma
Wendy Lebowitz and Joel Nowak
Hali Lee and Peter von Ziegesar
Jenifer Lee and Robert Malleck
Stuart P. Leffler
Gina Leggett
Jonathan E. Lehman
Pamela and Arnold Lehman
Stacey and Paul Leibowitz
Erin Leighty
Jessica Leiken and Jonathan Siegel
Deborah Leonard
Rosalyn Levin
Robert Levine
Betsy and Ted Lewin
Amy Linden
Joshua Lindland
Thomas Lino
Beth W. Liou
Bobye G. List
Joseph Litman
Susana Vidal Little & Matthew Little
Duard Alexander Little
Medrina Lloyd
Sam Lobel and Sharon Koweek
Richard Loconte
Rachel Lord
Farah Lukban
Carolyn and John Lundholm
Darcy Lynn and Lloyd Campbell
Patty Lyons and David Frutkoff
Julia and Malcolm MacKay
Julie Maclean
Ann MacRae
Margaret Maio and Richard Brittson
Tracy Makow and Howard Brickner
Laura Malagoli and Alberto Grazi
Carmen Maldonado and James Shipp
Cynthia Maloney
Susan and Ken Mandelbaum
Erica Maniago
Ewelina and Artin Manikyan
Carol Mann and Howard Helene
Hank and Kate Mannix
Alice Manos
Kathleen Marcello
Marion Marcian
Cheryl Mark
Marty Markowitz
Sheila Hoffman Marks
Bethany and Andrew Martin
Ellen Martin
Jennifer Martin
Virginia Martino and Steve Rabinowitz
Frida Marzouk and Bryan Wachtel
Dino Mastropietro and Karen Pandiani
Jennifer Mathews
Nancy Matles
Diane and Adam Max
Elisabeth Mayer and Jason Cooper
Dana Mazo and Daniel Sharfman
Jennifer and Bryan McArdle
Sharon McCarthy and Antonio Molestina
Maureen McCarthy
Alice McDaniel
Daniel and Elizabeth McDermon
Scott McDonald
Molly McEwan
Sheila McGettigan
Jennifer McGregor and Ken Goebel
Jane and James McGroarty
Marcia McHam
Rosemary McHugh and Steven Steinberg
Richard McLaughlin
Lauren and Matthew Merkin
Jane S. Meyers
Stacy Meyers and Jack Schreur
Judith Scofield Miller and David Miller
Eileen Minnefor and William Dixon
Marvin Mitchell
Joseph Mohbat and Nancy Schuh
Maureen and Salvatore Monaco
Dechantal Montano
Jackie Montras and Robert Vitalo
Nicola and Terence Moore
Ruth and Howard Moshman
David Mowery
Lisa Mueller and Gara LaMarche
Joselyn Muhleisen
Isabel and Manuel Muino
Katharine and Rajat Mukherji
Goldie Mulak
Susan Mulcahy
Barbara and Ronald Muller
Liat and Allan Myers
David Nankervis
Maryann and Richard Napoli
Jamie Natalo
Erica Neiges and Aaron Martinez
Claudia Nelson and Rory Dolan
Carla Nelson
Sydney and Harry Neuhaus
Lawrence Ng
Jeffrey Nicastro and Jennifer Svahn
Phyllis Norton-Towers
Therese Nowlan and F. Russell Kellogg
Barbara Odwak
Michael James O’Hara
Alison Omens
Felix B. Ortiz Sr.
Jane Osgood and Frederick Hilles
Paul O’Sullivan
Elizabeth Ott
Audra and Robin Ottaway
Lois Ottombrino
Linda Palmer
Mia and Stephen Parker
Lorenzo Patton
Heather and Rene Paula
Pamela and Lionel Payne
Nancy Pearsall and Otis Pearsall
Kristen Pedersen
Ellen Pemstein and Dan Haft
Mr. Stephen Penn
Hilary Pennington and Brian Bosworth
John Pennisten
Patricia and David Perlman
Charles Petkanas
Laura Piascik
Jane and Allan Piket
James Pitts
Marcus Plaza
Beth Polazzo and Howard Toepfer
Priscilla Polley
Lise Porter and Art Matin
Stuart Post and Christopher Kelley
Jennifer L. Powers
Eudelia Price
Mariadele Priest and Ralph Decatrel
Sarah Prior and Craig Roberts
Melissa Prober and Joseph Hughes
Virginia A. Pruitt
Vanessa and Rob Pumo
Anne and Henry Putzel
Elise Quasebarth and Steven Neil
Louis Quinones
Barbara Quint
Suzanne and Joseph Quint
Katie Raab
Susan Radin and Adam Macks
Neila Radin and Norman Abrams
Ann and James Raimes
Barry and Natalia Rand
Jennifer and Boris Rapoport
Debra Raskin and Michael Young
John Raskin
Judy and Jay Raskin
Deborah Reik and Andrew Levinson
Dana and Jeff Reiser
Wendy Reiss
Banning Repplier
Nancy and James Rheingrover
Sarah and Clive Richards
Chavionne Richardson
Brad Rickman
Stephanie Ringwood and Sayar Lonial
Kathleen Roberts and Howard Clyman
Diane and Michael Rocco
Maxine Rockoff
Alex and Joana Roehrs
Julie and Joseph Romano
Marci Rosa
Emily Rosdeitcher and Peter Bookstein
Ruth Rose
Jennifer Rosen and David Salpeter
Philip Rosen
Rory and Steve Rothman
Martha and Elliot Rothman
Amy and Gregory Rowland
Beth Rubenstein and Michael Rock
Alice Rubin and Mark Schone
Steven Rubin
Sheila Ryan and J. Robert Young
Michele Ryba
Alice Ryen
Darryl Safford
Kelly Sahner and Pam Sidman
Ruth and Gary Sams
Emily and Nicholas Samuels
Gayle Sanders
Steve Sandler
Heidi Sandquist
Paul Sankey
Deborah Sarria
Lisa Sbrana
Daniel Schack
Michaela Schaeffer
Rose Mary Scharrenbroich and Sylke Scharrenbroich
Marilyn and Richard Schatzberg
Beth Schermer and Tom Potter
Joan and Gerald Schieber
James Schmitz
Allegra Schorr and Frederick Kahn
Daniel Schottenfeld
Brigitte Schremmer
Linda and Fredric Schroeder
Susan and Martin Schultz
Jolie and Gabriel Schwartz
Rita Schwartz
Denise and Robert Schwed
Roberta and Peter Scott
Shayna and Howard Sebold
Clara Sedlak
Florry Shadletsky
Laurie Shahon and Kenneth Meister
Ian Shand
Eileen Shannon and Jason Adams
Stephanie Shaps and Michael Ferrara
Michael Shaver
Amy Shaw and Jae Kim
Vivien and Michael Shelanski
Carla Shen and Christopher Schott
Tara Sherry-Torres
Marisa Shields
Catherine Shin and Steve Fahmie
Valerie Shulman
Bob Shulman
Natalie Sidransky
Heidi Siegfried
Lenore Silverman
Jo Anne Simon and Bill Harris
Rona Simpson
Sunnie Singer and Lawrence Lichenstein
Alexandra Sise
Sarah Siskos
Phyllis and Irving Sivin
Kristen and Costa Skarvelis
Gloria and Clayton Slappy
Jeffrey D. Slivko
Joan and Gabriel Smith
Joan Smith
Debra Smith and Dennis Lage
Paul Smith
Mr. Nathaniel Smith
Sally Smith and Robert Weiss
Betsy Smulyan
Sarah and Christopher Snow
Beverly Solochek and Joseph Fried
Laurence Sorkin
Don Spalding
Keren Springer
Karen Stamm and Eli Gottlieb
Patricia and Kurt Steele
Juliet Sternberg and Kristine Young
Brooke and George Stewart
Maureen and Thomas Stewart
Charles Stewart
Alice Stillinger
Nancy Stone and Steve Rosenstein
Elizabeth Stong and Margaret Cassidy
Richard Stracke
David Stratton
Susan and Peter Straub
Elizabeth Stribling and Guy Robinson
Shoshanna and Chris Sugahara
Marilyn and Howard Sugarman
Herminia Sullivan and Maria Fernandez
Donald Sullivan
Alexa and Marc Suskin
Vanessa Sussman
Jean Sutherland
Joseph Svehlak
Craig Svendsen
Robert Swartz
Suzanne and Richard Swift
Michael Sylves
Gale T. Synnott
Sharon Taberski and Thaddeus Taberski
Vincent Tancredi
Mindy Tarlow and Marc Kirkeby
Tara Tarpey
Patricia Taylor
Alice Taylor
Katie Taylor
Isabella and Michael Tcheyan
Linda Tempel and Alex Calabrese
Larissa Temple and Alan Winchester
Elizabeth Theofan and Edward Aleksey
Emily Thomas
Kyser Thompson
Nicole and Adam Thornton
Charlotte Thorp
Trude Tiesi
Hazel Tishcoff
Vivian Toan
Tina and Nicolas Tordjman
Karina Totah
Erica Toth
Marcus Trent
Ann Marie Tricarico
Melisa and Richard Tucker
Taryn and Stephen Turner
Valerie Turner
Tony vanderBeek
Alison Vaughan
Anna Verdi and John MacIntosh
Susan and Vernon Vig
Ashley Napier Voos
Geoffrey H. Waddell
Rhonda Walsh
Alexandra Warren and Kevin Sudeith
Collette and Matthew Warren
Alicia Washington
Sarah Watson
Alexandra and Sheldon Weinbaum
Nancy Weinstein
Barbara and Erwin Weisberg
Roberta Weisbrod
Mary and Peter Wendt
Alexandra Wheeler and Thomas Rukan
Anne and Barrett White
Susan Whiting and Bruce Van Dusen
Trudy Whitman and Alan Nisselson
James Wildman
Kurt D. Will
Liz Willen and Greg Smith
Yolanda Williams
Marion Williams-Childs
Donnie Willis
Anne E. Wilson
Karen Wimmer and Brooke Larsen
Brenda Winningham
Gail Winter
Serena Winters
Bernice and Paul Witkovsky
Melissa Wohlgemuth and Matt Howard
Kerry Wolf and Richard Allen
Emily and F. Dimitri Wolkoff
Marian Wood and Sidney Meyer
Kaitlyn Wood
Candace Woodward
Catherine and Edward Woolston
Lindsay Wright
Christina Yang and Christopher Warnick
Katherine Yeckley
Rei Yoshimoto
Joanne and Charles Young
Lauren Young
Lisa and Robert Young
Barbara Zahler-Gringer and Martin Gringer
Michelle and Josh Zell
Darlene and Stanley Zin
Antanina Zmuidzinas and Mike Roam
Courtney Zoffness and Jeremy Gough
Beth and Scott Zucker
Susan Zugaib

List as of February 2019

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