Greenway Improvement Project

Brooklyn Bridge Park is currently improving the Greenway, the shared bike and pedestrian path. The upgrades will encourage a safer and more efficient Greenway for the more than five million park visitors who come to BBP every summer.

Sections of the Greenway from Pier 1 to Pier 6 are under construction. Work on this project will be performed in phases from mid-August through December, weather permitting. The Greenway will be fully open and ready for use by the start of spring.

Some stages of work will disrupt the use of the Greenway, please follow all detour signs to be re-routed where necessary and always dismount your bicycle where posted. Selective and careful tree and shrub pruning will be conducted in order to accommodate the work. Wherever possible, trees and shrubs will be tied back rather than cut. We expect all shrubs to grow back to natural forms within a year.

The improvements will vastly improve the use of the Greenway for all users. Some highlighted improvements:

  • The pedestrian path will be widened and the width will be uniform throughout the park
  • The cobblestones will be re-installed to delineate the path by usage
  • More frequent signage will be installed to indicate the bike path and the pedestrian path
  • Stamps on the bike path will indicate bike usage and alert pedestrians of on-coming bicycle traffic
  • The cobble rumble strips will be removed
  • The surface will be re-paved for a smoother more cohesive look