Lesson Plans

Photo by Alexa Hoyer

The PDF’s below are designed to accompany school field trips to the park, however all the activities require minimal materials and can easily be modified for use in the home and with various ages. There are also recommended books, websites, and videos listed at the end of each lesson’s directions.

Click here if you would like a google drive folder including all the PDF lessons below.

Great Brooklyn Bridge (Recommended for grades 2-5)

LESSON 1: Learn the basic design of a suspension bridge and run experiments to understand forces like tension and compression.

LESSON 2: Think about how the Brooklyn waterfront has changed overtime with the help of some great visuals and a writing activity.

Reading Rocks (Recommended for grades 2-4)

LESSON 1: Learn the difference between rocks and minerals and play a fun matching game to discover what minerals are in different rock types.

LESSON 2: Go on an adventure through the rock cycle to learn how rocks can change over time and what causes those changes.

Rove the Cove (Recommended for grades K-4)

LESSON 1: Discover the difference between living, nonliving, and manmade objects with a simple sorting activity.

LESSON 2: Sharpen your graphing skills with some simple data and word problems all about the East River.

Sustainable Landscapes (Recommended for grades 5-12)

LESSON 1: An introduction to sustainability and environmental footprints through a role playing activity highlighting the “tragedy of the commons” scientific phenomena. How environmentally friendly is your home? Figure out with a quick conservation quiz.

LESSON 2: Practice the concepts of recycle and reuse using household items creatively. Explore social activism by developing a proposal and design for a sustainability project in your home, school, or neighborhood.

The Awesome Oyster (Recommended for grades 4-8)

LESSON 1: What is an invertebrate? Identify the East River’s local invertebrates by using a scientific tool, a dichotomous key.

LESSON 2: Practice observing trends in scientific oyster restoration data and calculating mean, median, and mode.

Trees of Brooklyn Bridge Park (Recommended for grades K-1)

LESSON 1: Learn the parts of a plant and plant life cycle with a fun art project and a make-your-own storybook.

LESSON 2: Discover the different shapes and colors of NYC tree leaves and play a fun game of “guess who” with a nature twist.

Weather on the Water (Recommended for grades K-1)

LESSON 1: An introduction to solid, liquids, and gases and the role these play in weather & the water cycle. Practice writing weather words and identifying different weather images.

LESSON 2: Discover the reasons we have seasons! Grab your family members (or some stuffed animals) to help build a human model of earth’s rotation around the sun. Or cut and color a diagram illustrating earth’s orbit and seasons.


Access a fun activity packet for families to celebrate the 137th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge from home. This packed includes bridge building challenges, art & writing prompts, and lots of great visuals.


Click here to access a fun activity book, reminding you of some of our favorite park places. In stressful times like these, coloring is a great activity for kids AND adults.