Work in Progress

We are always working to maintain and improve Brooklyn Bridge Park. Here you will find a description of ongoing work in the Park. Although the Park opened its first section in 2010, we are still working to open more sections. Some work you will see happening is construction to open new parkland, some is preventative, and is some restorative maintenance. We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve and expand the Park.

Parking Lot – September 2018 – May 2019

As part of the Pier 2 Uplands construction the Parking Lot is temporarily closed for related construction. Once reopened, a slightly different parking configuration will be available and will include an area for bus layover. PLEASE NOTE THAT ACCCESS INTO THE PARK AT THIS AREA WILL BE CLOSED.

Pier 2 Uplands – September 2018 - Summer 2020

This area is part of the original General Project Plan and will add another 3.4 acres of parkland to the Park.