Special Event Permits

Permits will not be issued on holidays or holiday weekends.

Special event permit applications must be submitted 21 days prior to your event.

You must apply for a special event permit for:

    1. Any activity involving more than 20 people at one time. This includes school trips, picnics, and field days.

    2. Any activity for which specific space within the park is requested to be reserved or set up is required, including for groups with less than 20 people at one time. There is no set up allowed on park lawns.

    3. Use of the Studio at St. Ann’s Warehouse.

To book a visit to the Pier 2 roller rink, please visit their website: https://www.brooklynbridgeskating.com/

To book a visit to Jane’s Carousel, please visit their website: http://janescarousel.com


  • We do not permit playgrounds, the Pier 5 grilling stations, or any picnic tables in the park. In addition, you may not use these locations if your group is more than 20 people.
  • Permits for picnics and birthdays in the park allow the use of blankets and coolers only. Tables, chairs, tents, personal grills, sternos, and amplified sound are not allowed. Picnics must be limited to 75 people and up to 4 hours maximum.
  • School field days must be limited to 200 children and must be accompanied by 1 adult for every 10 children.
  • Classes that charge a fee are not permitted in the park.

Please also note that submitting an application does not guarantee approval. Your event is not confirmed until you have received a permit. All marketing, signage, advertising, and outreach for events must be approved by park staff prior to their public release. Additional fees apply after your application has been submitted if your event requires sections of the park to be closed, if any equipment will be brought into the park, or if branding will be displayed. Please contact permits@bbpnyc.org for event fee information.

Permit Terms and Conditions

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