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Pier 6 Flower Field
Pier 6
How To Get Here
A half-acre of native wildflowers. Stroll around this gorgeous planting to catch the views of the garden, pollinators, and the skyline.

About the Flower Field

Waves of colorful flowers bloom from spring until late fall, as the pink and gold drifts of summer flowers turn to the blues and purples of fall. Visitors to the Pier 6 Flower Field will find colorful milkweeds, asters, and goldenrods. 

Butterflies are especially drawn to the Pier 6 Flower Field due to the large colorful drifts of flowers, which they detect at great distances. 

  • Summer

      In the Summer season the Flower Field is in full bloom with rich shades of yellow and pinks. Look out for the Swamp Rose Mallow, Queen of the Prairie, Joe-Pye Weed, False Sunflowers, and Swam Milk Weed. Later in the summer season Monarch butterflies visit the Flower Field to drink the abundant nectar, and taking breaks from the sun by flying into the nearby shady trees.


  • Spring

      In Springtime, migratory birds use the Flower Field as a safe nesting location. This native flower meadow was designed to be large – one of the largest fields of Swamp Milk Weed in New York City –  and uninterrupted to provide protective habitats for ground nesting birds and other species. Monarch Butterflies love Swamp Milk Weed and they can sense it from miles away, knowing that they can come to the Flower Field for a stop over on their long journey. In Spring, the Horticulture team is careful to cutback plants that are not habitats for these birds, leaving the stems for nesting birds and stem nesting bees – much of this cutback work is actually done in the Fall to best serve our wildlife visitors.

  • Fall

      The Flower Field is amazing at each season, and in Fall there are still incredible flowers to see! Look for Asters, Golden Rod, and Prairied Dock. Keep your eye out for migrating warblers and kinglets.

  • Winter

      During the colder winter months, visit the Flower Field to admire the dried stems of the previous years growth, some of them many feet tall! Enjoy the many shapes that grew and formed in the earlier season and watch the snow fall on the stems and browned seed heads.

  • Butterflies

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