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Pier 2 Uplands
© Alexa Hoyer
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Pier 2 Uplands

Relax on the lawns or cool off in the water spray area, either way this spot is the perfect compliment to the activities on Pier 2.

What to See at Pier Two Uplands


Completed in the summer of 2020, the Pier 2 Uplands expands the Park’s green space east of Pier 2, adding a 6,300 square foot lawn and nearly 1,300 trees and shrubs and also includes the completion of the sound attenuating berm to reduce traffic noise. Like other sections of the Park, granite from the Brooklyn Bridge was reused for seating throughout the new section.

The Pier 2 Uplands also includes a new water play area that features pier remnants cut away during the construction of Pier 3. Runoff from the water play will be captured via an underground retention tank and to be re-used for irrigation throughout the site. The retention tank, which sits below the lawn, holds over 15,000 gallons of water and was designed specifically to meet the irrigation requirements of the Uplands.


  • Where can I ride my bike in the Park?

      Bicycles are welcome in Brooklyn Bridge Park! Bicycle riding is permissible on the designated bike path only along the Greenway. Riders must dismount their bikes on all other pathways, including the promenades around each pier and on Squibb Bridge. Bicycle racks are located throughout the Park, at each Park entrance, and near Park buildings. Please do not lock your bike to any other structure. Bikes left on racks overnight will be removed.

  • When and why are park lawns closed?

      The most difficult aspect of turf management is compaction. Thousands of people enjoy park lawns, and this constant pressure from foot traffic squeezes the soil and restricts the root growth of the grass. Compaction is most severe when the soils are waterlogged after it rains. To mitigate compaction, it is vital to close the lawns on a weekly schedule, after big events, and any time they become very wet. At least one lawn on each pier will always remain open for your enjoyment.

      Please note that lawns will occasionally close for periodic maintenance for issues other than compaction mitigation.

  • What areas are ADA accessible?

      The entire Park is ADA Accessible. For Access-a-Ride access to Pier 1, please use the address 1 Water Street (corner of Old Fulton and Water Street). To enter the southern end of the park, please use the address 360 Furman Street and exit on the west side of the building.

  • Is there a lost and found?

      Yes, if you find an item in the Park you can give it to any Park staff member or drop it off at our office at 334 Furman Street (near Pier 5). If you have lost an item please complete this form here, if the item is found we will contact you.

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