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Rush Arts Illuminates the Community Room at 99 Plymouth

by BBP on Aug 7, 2015

BBP’s new building at 99 Plymouth Street is meant to engage the community. It features a dedicated Community Room and areas for programming that further extend the capabilities of public space in the park. Specifically, this space can be used to host local artists and showcase their work. We decided the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation would be the perfect partners to inaugurate the ongoing arts programming in the building and to capture the imaginations of new visitors to the park.

Last month, we welcomed a group of young local artists from RPAF’s Summer Session to 99 Plymouth, where they spent four days creating and installing original murals in the entryway and Community Room. RPAF, founded in 1995, provides inner city youth with exposure to the arts and significant opportunities to practice them. We’ve been thrilled to work with a great group of Rush Kids and Rush Teens on this project!

The murals, titled At Home in the Park, resemble shadows cast through the building’s windows depicting people at play and rest in BBP. Brooklyn-based artist Mary Temple, whose style creates the impression of light casting shadows on surfaces, inspired the works. The artists learned about perspective and context as they decided on the placement of their installation. One mural adorns the walls of the Community Room, while two more can be found enlivening the adjacent light-filled hallway.
People painting a mural inside.
The project came to life through a multi-step process. The artists began by taking pictures of their peers interacting with the park’s various features and selecting which of their photos to use. As each mural would contain multiple images, they had to consider how the pictures would overlap and mesh together. An instructor interpreted the photographs into marker outlines on sheets of acetate, which were placed on a projector to throw the patterns onto the walls. These outlines were traced and painted in a monochromatic color scheme to create the final product. In addition to making the murals, program participants also had opportunities to draw and paint in the park, as well as enjoy a ride on Jane’s Carousel.

At Home in the Park served as the Rush Kids and Teens’ Summer Session capstone project and is now on view at 99 Plymouth. See the installation before it ends in early September, when we welcome the next in our series of arts programming at 99 Plymouth – Sarah Conarro’s multimedia project, Come Say Hey.
Woman painting a mural inside.

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