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Photo by Alex MacLean
Press Releases

Paintings by Rush Students Offer New Perspective of BBP

Brooklyn Bridge Park (BBP) is thrilled to welcome back the talented young artists of Rush Arts Summer Session to 99 Plymouth. Rush Education Programs provides students with contemporary art education.

Meridith McNeal

This year’s installation draws from the works of Rush Director of Education, Meridith McNeal. McNeal’s paintings often depict vibrant land and cityscapes viewed through diversely styled, open or closed windows, which invite the viewer to consider not just what lies outside them, but within them as well. After viewing McNeal’s exhibitions in Brooklyn galleries and visiting BBP’s Empire Fulton Ferry section, the students designed their original paintings based on photographic references of the park. Working with Rush Staff Meridith McNeal, David Camacho, Dennis Buonagura and Rush Teaching Artist/Tutor at Royal Drawing School in London Jake Garfield students worked both at Rush Corridor Gallery and on site in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The paintings, collectively titled By My Window Have I For Scenery, make the latest entry in the program of rotating art installations at 99 Plymouth.

Meridith McNeal

Other recent installations at 99 Plymouth have included the lifelike, playful prints of Hilary Lorenz’s Birding, modeled after BBP’s native wildlife; the intricate and colorful murals of Before Now by Priscila De Carvalho, which explored the area’s natural and built environments of the past and present; and Twenty Five Hours by Jesse Chun, which translated data about the East River’s tides into intriguing paintings, drawings, poems, and prints. Future installations this year will include works by Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao (aka CHIAOZZA) whose interactive plant collages will include pieces created by members of the public at their community workshops.

By My Window Have I For Scenery will be on display through August 21, 2017. 99 Plymouth, located in BBP’s Main Street section, and its Community Room are open 8:00am-11:00pm daily.

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