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“I volunteer in Brooklyn Bridge Park…”

by Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy on Apr 24, 2017

For National Volunteer Week, we asked a number of our most dedicated volunteers to reflect on their experiences in the Park and tell us why they volunteer.

I volunteer in the Park

“…to help our community and visitors to the city understand all Brooklyn Bridge Park has to offer. As a Park Greeter, you help people enjoy this relatively new park by answering questions about its history, helping them understand different areas of the Park, or all the wonderful free activities that take place in the Park across the spring, summer, and fall! It is also fun to connect personally with people in the community and visitors from other cities or countries!”
— Karen Wimmer


“…because where else in New York could you bond with an eastern box turtle, and watch the kids watching her eat her lunch of strawberries and mushrooms?”
— Pat Rosten Filan


“…because the Park is a fun and beautiful space that attracts visitors from all communities around Brooklyn and all over the world. Working as a Park Greeter gives me the opportunity to interact with a wide collection of people, and brighten their day by giving them directions or telling them about the many activities taking place at the Park. The experience puts a smile on my face, knowing I am contributing to the positive community environment provided by Brooklyn Bridge Park.”
— Jim Schmitz


“…because it gives me an unbeatable reason to get out of bed on a rainy or cold morning.
…whenever I feel the flowers and the waterfront pebbles calling my name.
…because after wrangling two children under age five, it’s good to spend time with plants that ask no questions and go no place.
…because who needs a house with a backyard when we can share an 85-acre park on the Brooklyn waterfront with our neighbors?”
— Sophia Isako Wong


“…because I love it and it’s the best thing to happen to Brooklyn in decades.”
— Ursula Hahn

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