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Woodlands Scavenger Hunt

Mar 27, 2022
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
How To Get Here

This month’s park scavenger hunt focuses on the flora and fauna in woodland habitats and the early signs of spring. Search for animal dens, leaf buds, mushrooms, and more!

There will be an opportunity to stop by a prize table at the back of the Environmental Education Center and share your completed hunt with the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy. This event is free and suitable for kids of all ages.

Registrants will receive a PDF copy of the activity a few days before the event via e-mail.

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  • Event Details

      To participate and receive the official scavenger hunt, please pre-register your family.


      • RSVP only once per family.
      • You can start and end the scavenger hunt at any time and in any area of the park, but you can only pick up prizes or extra printed copies of the hunt between the hours of 11:00 AM- 4:00 PM at 99 Plymouth Street.
      • Follow all park rules and social distancing guidelines. Participants must wear a face covering when interacting with staff at the Environmental Education Center prize table.
      • Children and teens under 13 must have an adult guardian present.
      • Walk-ups will be accommodated on-site if there are still spaces.
  • Woodlands Scavenger Hunt

    Registration instructions: Please register only once per family and be sure to answer the registration questions about the number of participants in your family/group. You will receive a confirmation email and closer to the event date a PDF copy of the hunt.

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