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Pier 3 Central Lawn
Pier 3
How To Get Here
Find tranquility in the Central Lawn where you are protected from the wind and sun by groves of shrubs and trees.


  • Are pesticides used on the lawns or elsewhere in Brooklyn Bridge Park?

  • When do I need a permit?

      Generally, permits are required if you want to: bring a group larger than 20 people into the Park; have a wedding ceremony; film of photograph for professional/commercial purposes; or, have dedicated access to a sports field/court. This list is not exclusive or exhaustive.

      Please review the Permits section for more information on when a permit is needed and how to apply for one. Submitting an application does not guarantee you will be granted a permit. Your application is not approved until you have received a permit from Brooklyn Bridge Park. Applications may take up to 21 days to process after they have been submitted.

  • Can I fly a drone?

      No, drones are not permitted in the Park.

  • Can I pitch a tent or hang a hammock?

      No, furniture of any kind is not allowed in Brooklyn Bridge Park. These items can damage trees or lawns.

  • When and why are park lawns closed?

      The most difficult aspect of turf management is compaction. Thousands of people enjoy park lawns, and this constant pressure from foot traffic squeezes the soil and restricts the root growth of the grass. Compaction is most severe when the soils are waterlogged after it rains. To mitigate compaction, it is vital to close the lawns on a weekly schedule, after big events, and any time they become very wet. At least one lawn on each pier will always remain open for your enjoyment.

      Please note that lawns will occasionally close for periodic maintenance for issues other than compaction mitigation.

  • Are there public restrooms?

  • Can I bring my dog to Brooklyn Bridge Park?

      Leashed dogs are welcome on park pathways, but dogs are not allowed on lawns. There are two dog runs: one located at Main Street and one at Pier 6. Dog runs are routinely washed and pet waste bags are available at each dog run. Dogs must be licensed with visible identification tags and vaccinated for rabies.

      Non-salt ice melt is used on park pathways during icy conditions.

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