Pier 3

Photo by Etienne Frossard

Pier 3


Lay out in Pier 3’s large central lawn protected from the wind and sun, or get lost in the exploratory labyrinth, the last pier to be converted to parkland has something for everyone.

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    About Pier 3

    Pier 3 is the final pier to be converted to parkland.

    The most prominent feature of Pier 3 is its large central lawn protected from the wind and sun by groves of shrubs and trees. Along the north side of the Pier there is an exploratory labyrinth with interactive features. The outer section of the Pier hosts a grove with moveable furniture, including picnic tables and Adirondack chairs clustered to create a variety of seating areas. The surrounding hardscaped area provides space for small events and performances as well as unprogrammed play.

    The labyrinth on Pier 3 has hedges of varying sizes to create an exploratory maze of picnic tables, mirrored games, and historic elements salvaged from the park like bollards, cleats, and excavated railroad tracks. Within the maze you will find a walk-in kaleidoscope, an echo game, dance chimes, parabolic reflectors, a conference tube, and interesting seating options, including Gunter Beltzig stone seating.