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The gardens of Brooklyn Bridge Park keep growing and blooming all year round! By April, the Sumac Path on Pier 1 is carpeted in yellow and blue wildflowers. In late June, the Pier 6 Flower Field is a half-acre of pink and purple swaths of native flowers. The clouds of Swamp Milkweed with spikes of Liatris in front of Jane’s Carousel in August paint the landscape in flowers. By early autumn, grasses, daisies, and early goldenrod on the Granite Terrace light up in the low fall light.


The gardens at Brooklyn Bridge Park are not only beautiful but they also perform critical functions for Park patrons and wildlife alike. The beds define views, block wind and provide shade; the flowers, berries and beds provide habitat for native bees, butterflies, and migratory birds. Brooklyn Bridge Park is composed of multiple ecosystems that both beautify the landscape and offer food and habitat for a vast array of wildlife.

We manage the gardens at Brooklyn Bridge Park organically to protect the environment in the Park and the water around it. We capture and recirculate rainwater for irrigation, practice organic pest management, and use compost for the soil. The absence of chemicals and the inclusion of native plants ensure that Brooklyn Bridge Park is a healthy environment for visitors as well as birds, butterflies, ladybugs, turtles and even the microscopic soil organisms that keep our plants happy.

To learn more about the practices of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s horticulture team, visit the Horticulture at Brooklyn Bridge Park webpage.


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