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The Greenway
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The Greenway

Pedal your way through the twists, turns, and dips of Brooklyn Bridge Park. A designated bikeway travels from Pier 1 to Pier 6, offering riders beautiful views and easy access to key locations and amenities.

About the Greenway

Winding along the East River, the bike and pedestrian path called the Greenway, connects the Park’s piers from Pier 1 south to Pier 6. At Atlantic Avenue at Pier 6, the Greenway continues along the Brooklyn Greenway route.

Along the Greenway visitors can stop off at many of the Park’s food and drink concessions, lush lawns and gardens, or just enjoy the path along the river.

Cycling is permitted only on the designated bicycle path, which runs along the eastern side of the Greenway. Cycling is not permitted on park paths or the pier promenades and please yield to pedestrians crossing the path. Bike racks are located throughout the park. Do not lock your bike to park fences or railings.

For more information on cycling in the Park, visit the biking page.


  • Where can I lock my bike in Brooklyn Bridge Park?

      There are bike racks to lock a bike to throughout Brooklyn Bridge Park and at all main entrances. Please note that bikes should not be locked overnight or for extended periods of time.

  • What areas are ADA accessible?

      The entire Park is ADA Accessible. For Access-a-Ride access to Pier 1, please use the address 1 Water Street (corner of Old Fulton and Water Street). To enter the southern end of the park, please use the address 360 Furman Street and exit on the west side of the building.

  • Where can I ride my bike in the Park?

      Bicycles are welcome in Brooklyn Bridge Park! Bicycle riding is permissible on the designated bike path only along the Greenway. Riders must dismount their bikes on all other pathways, including the promenades around each pier and on Squibb Bridge. Bicycle racks are located throughout the Park, at each Park entrance, and near Park buildings. Please do not lock your bike to any other structure. Bikes left on racks overnight will be removed.

  • Are there public restrooms?

  • Are there water fountains?

      Yes. There are water fountains throughout Brooklyn Bridge Park and each has a water bottle filling feature.

      Water fountains are turned off for the winter season when outside temperatures reach freezing.

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