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Athletic Permits

Apply for a seasonal, recurring athletic permit for regular use of the sports fields.

League Permit Application Process

It is only possible to apply for a seasonal, recurring athletic permit during the below dates. 

  • Spring Season (March - May)

      • Application open: December 1st
      • Final date to submit: December 22nd
  • Summer Season (June - August)

      • Application open: March 1st
      • Final date to submit: March 22nd
  • Fall Season (September - November)

      • Application open: June 1st
      • Final date to submit: June 22nd
  • Winter Season (December - February)

      • No athletic permits issued. Fields and courts are open for free play, weather permitting.
  • Insurance Requirements

      All permit applicants who are required to provide insurance must provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) with the following language in the ‘Description of Operations’ box and the following address as the certificate holder. If you fail to provide a COI with the language below, we will not issue your permit.

      Description of Operations text (“permittee” is your entity name):

      “permittee” is also insured under the described policy. The following are included as additional insureds, including with respect to claims arising out of Permittee’s operations: Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation d/b/a Brooklyn Bridge Park, the City of New York, Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation, New York State Urban Development Corporation d/b/a Empire State Development, the State of New York, and their respective officers, officials, agents, members, directors, and employees, with coverage at least as broad as ISO Form CG 20 26.

      Certificate Holder text:
      Brooklyn Bridge Park
      334 Furman Street
      Brooklyn, NY 11201

  • Permitted Uses

      • The Pier 5 Fields may be reserved for sports including, but not limited to: soccer, rugby, field hockey, lacrosse, and flag football. These fields are intended only for sports that would ordinarily be played on a rectangular, turf playing area. Do not apply for sports such as baseball, softball, kickball and/or other sports not customarily played on a rectangular field configuration.
      • The Pier 6 Volleyball Courts may be reserved for volleyball only.


  • Additional fees apply after your application has been submitted for groups over the age of 18, including camps.
  • League use is only allowed during the time indicated on your seasonal league permit and not allowed during open free play or at the Pier 2 Play Turf.
  • Tents and tables are not allowed to be brought into the park. No signage (flags, flyers, banners, etc.) may be posted in the park.
  • Athletic permits do not include parking. Brooklyn Bridge Park does not offer parking permits.
  • League use is only allowed during the time indicated on your seasonal league permit and not allowed during open free play or at the Pier 2 Play Turf.
  • Late applications are not accepted. Brooklyn Bridge Park does not send deadline reminders.
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee approval or approval of the exact dates and times requested. Your schedule is not confirmed until you have received an official permit from Brooklyn Bridge Park. Permits are not issued as renewals and consistent schedules are not guaranteed from season to season for previous permit holders. Applications may take up to 21 days to process after the window to apply has closed. Please keep these details in mind before planning your season.
  • For single date usage of the athletic courts and fields, please apply for a special event permit.


  • Are lockers available?

      Yes. Lockers are located at Pier 2 for 25 cents and at Pier 5 for free. Please note that items may not be stored overnight, any items found will be removed.

  • When can I play on the courts/sports fields?

      Drop in to play on the Pier 5 turf or Pier 6 volleyball courts when leagues are not scheduled. Drop in times are first come, first served. Leagues that have timed permits are not allowed to use open play times. When others are looking to play, please keep play time to one hour. All pickleball courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to host a tournament, or other type of Pickleball special event, a special event permit is required.

      See the calendar below for when fields or courts are in use.

  • Are there public restrooms?

  • Are there water fountains?

      Yes. There are water fountains throughout Brooklyn Bridge Park and each has a water bottle filling feature.

      Water fountains are turned off for the winter season when outside temperatures reach freezing.

  • Can I host an event or activity?

      To host an event or an activity in Brooklyn Bridge Park you must have an approved permit from Brooklyn Bridge Park. This process insures that any given area of the Park is not over crowded and that organizations are properly supported and insured. If you would like to host an event or activity in the Park, please review the conditions for a special events permit.

      Commercial activity in the Park is prohibited unless specifically authorized in a permit, and authorization is rare. Absent specific authorization, a permit does not allow an event holder to charge a fee or require a donation to participate in or attend the event.

  • When do I need a permit?

      Permits must be obtained prior to undertaking regulated activities as defined in the Park Rules and Regulations.

      Generally, permits are required if you want to (this list is not exclusive or exhaustive):

      • bring a group larger than 20 people into the Park;
      • host a wedding ceremony;
      • film or photograph for professional or commercial purposes;
      • rent access to a sports fields or courts

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