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Special Event Permits

Reserve a court for the day, celebrate a birthday, or gather for a corporate retreat at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

A special event permit is used for single day activities if a group is larger than 20 people or requires special use of an area. A single day event or group activities (such as lessons, camps, school groups, or similar) must apply for a permit and cannot operate in the Park without one. If you have a large event or public art installation proposal see below. Please note that private events, classes, or lessons where participation, tickets, or entrance fees are collected require special permissions. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a public space open for use by anyone, issuing permits for special uses ensures that the majority of the Park is open for that purpose.

Application Process

Special event permits are required for the following:

  • Any activity involving more than 20 people at one time. This includes school trips, picnics, and field days.
  • Any activity for which specific space within the Park is requested to be reserved or set up is required, including for groups with less than 20 people at one time. There is no set up allowed on park lawns.


  • Permits are not issued for holidays or holiday weekends.
  • Special event permit applications must be submitted at least 21 days prior to your requested event date.
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee approval. Your event is not confirmed until you have received a permit directly from Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • Permits are issued for up to 75 people and 4 hours maximum. Permits do not grant exclusive access to park space.
  • Commercial activity in the Park is prohibited unless specifically authorized in a permit, and authorization is rare. Absent specific authorization, a permit does not allow an event holder to charge a fee or require a donation to participate in or attend the event.
  • It is not possible to reserve or receive a permit for the Pier 5 grills or any picnic tables in the Park. Permits are not issued for the grills or picnic tables. Please maintain a group size of 20 people or less if using these facilities. It is not allowed to bring your own grills or tables into the Park. For more information on use of the Picnic Peninsula see here.
  • Permits allow for the use of blankets and coolers only. Tables, chairs, tents, personal grills, sternos, and amplified sound are not allowed to be brought into the park.
  • For single date usage of the athletic courts or fields, you must apply for a special event permit. Please contact the permits department with the below form to discuss availability for single date athletic permits.
  • School trips and field days are allowed for a maximum group size of 200 with 1 adult present for every 10 children. Brooklyn Bridge Park does not have parking for school busses. Please plan for drop off and pick up only. Insurance is required for schools outside of the New York City public school system. Please see the main page for more information on insurance requirements.


  • To book a trip to the Pier 2 roller rink, please visit their website.
  • To book a trip to Jane’s Carousel, please visit their website.
  • Use of the Studio at St. Ann’s Warehouse, please visit their website.


Permit Terms & Conditions 

E-Apply Permit Button

Public, Ticketed, or Marketing Events

  • For large scale events, please use the contact us form below to submit a brief event proposal.
  • Total event fees will be determined after your application and proposal have been submitted and reviewed by park staff.
  • Submitting a permit application and event proposal does not guarantee approval. Your event is not officially confirmed until you have received a permit directly from Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • All marketing, signage, advertising, and outreach for events must be approved by park staff prior to their public release. Do not advertise events at Brooklyn Bridge Park without direct approval from Park staff.

Contact Permits Department

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