Pier 4 Beach

Photo by Etienne Frossard

Pier 4 Beach


Get sand between your toes at Pier 4 Beach, where visitors can travel down to the water’s edge and launch non-motorized boats. Or simply admire the natural tidal pools that showcase the diversity of marine and plant life that call the park home.

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    About Pier 4 Beach

    Built from the remnant of a railroad float transfer bridge that has settled on the river bed, Pier 4 is planted with native species to assist its ongoing evolution as a protected habitat preserve. The beach design incorporates innovative structures designed by ECOncrete to mimic natural tidal pools typically found along rocky coasts. Some of these pools are accessible to visitors providing an interactive demonstration of the diversity of park habitats for marine animals and plant life.

    Offshore from the beach is Bird Island, an inaccessible nature preserve built from the remnants of a railroad float transfer bridge. Bird Island is planted with a variety of salt-tolerant shrubs, grasses and trees to encourage the growth of a diverse ecology. The island also features three ECOncrete tide pools as an added ecological element. An Osprey platform has been installed to attract large fishing birds.

    Please note that swimming and wading are not permitted at the Pier 4 Beach. Please click here for more information.