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Wind your way through endless acres of natural beauty with one-of-a-kind features that stretch the body and the imagination.

Slide down a big, magical mountain. Go bananas on the Tarzan swing. These cool, hideaway-style play spaces have already become a legendary daytrip destination for parents across all of New York City.

Created in consultation with educational experts, each of the playgrounds’ swings, slides, water channels, sandboxes, and other features help hone physical and social skills and interests of kids of all ages.

Playgrounds are located near to Park entrances to help make accessing these fun spaces simple. Swing around, climb and slide, and play in the sand or water at the ultimate play area at Pier 6. Or explore smaller playgrounds designed for the younger explorers at Pier 1 or at Pier 5. Imagine life at sea playing at the nautical themed play area at Main Street. Explorers of any age can enjoy the whimsical designs in the labyrinth at Pier 3 or cool off in the water jets in the Pier 2 Uplands.

There is so much to play to discover at Brooklyn Bridge Park!


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