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Brooklyn Bridge Park's landscape is composed of a sophisticated collection of seven interconnected and diverse ecosystems that contain many plants native to the region. Plant communities were chosen and designed to be site-appropriate with minimal long-term input. The plant beds are dynamic spaces, evolving over time into complex and beautiful ecosystems.   
The park’s 85 acres of lawns, meadows, hedgerows, wetlands, salt marshes, and trees, are managed organically, with environmentally-conscious practices. We compost park organic matter, capture and recirculate rainwater for irrigation, and practice integrated pest management.
The park’s lush lawns, young trees, and beautiful flowers create a robust landscape for people to use and enjoy. But the absence of chemicals and the inclusion of native plant habitats also ensure that the park is a healthy environment for all visitors, including birds, butterflies, ladybugs, turtles, and even the microscopic soil organisms that keep our plants healthy. Incorporating these critical ecological spaces into our cities can help protect biodiversity. 
Learn more about Brooklyn Bridge Park’s ecosystems below and then go explore each area with the help of our interactive map and seasonal plant guides. Read our plant features that highlight interesting blooms, bulbs, leaves and berries showcased around the park. For those interested in specific plants, download the full park plant list.


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