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Pier 5

Spread across five beautifully restored acres, this former shipping pier hosts three multi-purpose sports fields, playgrounds, bait prep stations, among many other amenities:

Sports Fields: 200,000 square feet of synthetic turf are supported by shock pad and an organic infill made of sand and coconut fibers to create our innovative playing fields. 

Picnic Peninsula: Picnic Peninsula allows park visitors to enjoy a fresh-cooked meal on Hibachi-style grill tops, gather at one of our picnic tables made of salvaged wood, or relax under one of our wind and weather resistant umbrellas.

Play Areas: Pier 5 features two play areas with various play elements for both older and younger children. An additional play area features two tetherball poles.

Fishing: An area for fishing equipped with four bait preparation tables and fish cleaning stations is located at the western edge of the pier.

Pier 5 is the Park’s first space dedicated to active recreation. The 650-foot-long pier features playing fields capable of several configurations to adapt to various sports including soccer, lacrosse, rugby, flag football and ultimate Frisbee. Twenty-six shade sails line the northern and southern sides of the pier to provide shade. Players and spectators can watch the game from the bleachers and benches situated along the sidelines. Sports netting also surrounds the fields to ensure that the East River stays free of stray balls, Frisbees, or footballs. Permitting for league play will begin in spring 2013 and will provide open play for the general public and free play for public schools.

Our parkwide greenway connects to Pier 5 through the Picnic Peninsula. This hub of activity is dotted with bike racks, water fountains, tetherball poles, and a concession stand. The Picnic Peninsula is the Park's largest picnic area and is 620 feet in length. 

The perimeter of the Pier contains a 30-foot wide promenade that offers magnificent views of lower Manhattan, Governors Island, and the New York Harbor. The promenade features three view finders, one of which is ADA accessible.   

The Pier features several sustainable design elements including a green roof on the concession building, salvaged pier signs, and structural support from the original Port Authority site. Salvaged Longleaf Yellow Pine is used for the tables and benches that line the Picnic Peninsula. 

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